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Tammy and Kathy have been in the Drug & Alcohol and Health & Wellness industry for over 13 years. It is our goal to help the community by providing affordable testing services to everyone. We believe everyone who walks through our doors deserves great customer service. It is our promise to deliver. You won’t be disappointed!

Do You have A High Deductible or don't have Health Insurance at all?

Strive 4 Life LLC has the answer. We offer an array of Laboratory tests at a fraction of what health care providers charge.  Call to Order your Lab tests today!!


Consortium Annual Fee-----------------------------------$90.00
DOT Drug Screen 5 Panel--------------------------------$62.00
Non-DOT Drug Screen 5 Panel mimic----------------$62.00
Non-DOT Drug Screen 5 Panel -------------------------$60.00
Non-DOT Drug Screen 10 PANEL----------------------$65.00
Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 12 Panel-------------$72.00
Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 10 Panel-------------$67.00
Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 5 Panel --------------$55.00
Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 6 Panel --------------$51.00
Non-Dot Instant Drug Screen 9 Panel (No THC)--$62.00
Oral Fluid Drug Test--Oral Eze--------------------------$65.00
Noble Oral Fluid Instant 6 Panel (NO THC)---------$60.00
Intercept Oral Fluid (Lab) Drug Test Kit-------------$70.00
Breath Alcohol Test w/Confirmation------------------$50.00
Noble Dip Card Urine (Alcohol)-------------------------$50.00
Q.E.D (Saliva Alcohol Test)------------------------------$70.00
Hair Drug Test 5 Panel-----------------------------------$110.00
Audiogram --------------------------------------------$50.00/each Vision Acuity------------------------------------------$40.00/each Respiratory FIT Test (you supply mask)-----$40.00/each

New Services
DOT Physicals----------------------------------------------$117.00
Fit for Duty Testing----------------------------------------$117.00
Pre-Employment Physicals-----------------------------$117.00

Respiratory Clearance Exams--------------------------$50.00

Respiratory Clearance Exams + Fit Test------------$70.00


DNA Paternity & Maternity Kit---------------------------$230.00

DNA Origin Collection Kit-----------------------------------$110.00

DNA Peek-A-Boo Kit-------------------------------------------$210.00

DNA Skin care , Health or Allergy Kit------------------$150.00

DNA Trio or Motherless Paternity-----------------------$170.00

After Hours Collection Fee - By Appointment Only Emergency After Hours Collection Fee--------------$35.00

Laboratories Strive 4 Life, LLC. Work With

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Moms Lab Services
E-screen Testing Services
Labcorp Testing Services
Quest Testing Services
Formfox Services
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