Your Drug and Alcohol Testing Solution

Services are in compliance with SAMHSA, OSHA and DOT 49 CFR Part 40

  • Urine Drug Testing - DOT & non-DOT

  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing

  • Instant 5, 6, 9,10, and 12 Panel Urine Drug Testing​         

  • DOT & non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing w/confirmation

  • Drug and Alcohol Oral Swab Testing

​​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide

Strive 4 Life, LLC., offers urine drug testing, hair follicle drug testing, and evidential breath alcohol testing. We are able to provide options of the drug substances and metabolites screened for to fit your business needs.  Whatever type of testing or service you may require, our staff will be discreet and respect your privacy.

Strive 4 Life, LLC., wants to become your partner in workplace safety screening solutions. Our team is here to complete your workplace drug screen, breath alcohol test, or one of our other tests we have available.
Our operation accommodates our clients 24/7 (after hours by appointment). We offer mobile service by appointment as well. All collections are conducted by our highly trained staff. Our staff is professional, experienced, and we support the highest standards of operations and productivity.

Strive 4 Life, LLC., adhere to DOT, OSHA, and SAMHSA compliance standards in all of our testing. If you have employees fulfilling safety-sensitive roles within your business, we will help you develop a drug-free workplace program so that you and your staff are prepared for random urine and breath alcohol tests with our services. Whether we are being called on for follow-up, pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, or post-accident, we are here for your business. We also accommodate court ordered testing.

If you're looking for an honest, fun, and humble environment that can meet and possibly exceed the Occupational Health needs of your business, we at Strive 4 Life, LLC., may be the service provider you're looking for. Strive 4 Life, LLC., is committed to offering customizable quality programs and services that support employer business strategies and employee health and well-being.

Small or large, your request will be met to the best of our abilities with individualized attention, and innovative solutions.

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DOT Drug Screen 5 Panel

Non-DOT Drug Screen 5 Panel mimic

Non-DOT Drug Screen 5 Panel 

Non-DOT Drug Screen 10 PANEL

Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 12 Panel 

Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 10 Panel

Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 5 Panel

Non-DOT Instant Drug Screen 6 Panel

Hair Drug Test  5 Panel (Expanded Opioids)

Consortium Annual Fee

After Hours

 $      58.00

 $      58.00

 $      55.00

 $      57.00

 $      62.00

 $      57.00

 $      45.00

 $      41.50

 $      90.00

 $      80.00

 $      25.00

DNA Peek-A-Boo Kit

DNA Prenatal Paternity Kit

DNA Origin Collection Kit

DNA Home Collection Kit

DNA Mouth Swab Collection Kit


 $   149.00

 $   210.00

 $     99.00

 $   320.00

 $   120.00


AUDIO-GRAM        $40.00

Respitory FIT Testing

Respiratory FIT Test  $30.00 (you supply mask)            

Breath Alcohol testing

Breath Alcohol Test w/Confirmation  $40.00

Vision Acuity, Vision Testing

Vision Acuity    $30.00

Patient doing EKG testing
EKG                 $25.00

NEW SERVICE: Healthy Weight DNA Test                                                              $150.00


HomeDNA™ Healthy Weight is a revolutionary DNA test and program that first examines genetic makers (SNPs) that influence weight and then provides customized diet and exercise strategies for a healthier life. With the genetic testing technology and scientific understanding of the human genome available today, it is now possible to develop individually-tailored nutrition and fitness programs based on each individual's unique DNA. We simply collect your DNA using  the easy to use cheek swabs, mail your sample to the lab, and within a few short week, results are ready for viewing in a secure online account.

NEW SERVICE:  SKIN CARE DNA                                                                              $140.00

HomeDNA™ Skin Care is a revolutionary DNA analysis and report that examines genetic markers (SNPs) related to skin performance. With the remarkable advances in understanding the human genome, it is now possible to decipher the genetic profile for an individual's skin and make informed treatment recommendations. The days of a customer guessing which regimen will work best for them and feeling overwhelmed are over. They simply collect their DNA using the easy-to-use cheek swabs, mail the samples to the lab, and in less than 3 weeks, results are ready for viewing in a secure online account.

Quick eScreen Results
Strive 4 Life, LLC., uses eScreen by Abbott, system to provide automated test result within minutes with the eReader. The eScreen technology has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but is not approved for companies operating under the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Test results are read electronically, so there is no room for human interpretation, transcription, or error.
If the eReader screening concludes a non-negative sample, the specimen is forwarded to Alere Lab (an Abbott Co.) for GC/MS confirmation. Results should be available within two to three business days.