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Services Strive 4 Life LLC Offers:

Drawing someones Blood

Laboratory tests at a fraction of what health care providers charge.

NO doctor order needed.

Background checks
Background Checks

Instantly screen employees- national & county criminal, employment,  MVR & more.

DNA Testing

Check out all our DNA Testing services

Health & Wellness Screenings
Health & Wellness Screenings

A wellness screening is an investment in your organization's most important asset—your employees. It's a win–win for both you and your staff. Many organizations that have implemented wellness programs report reduced health care costs, increased productivity due to reductions in sick time and improved employee morale and company loyalty.

Employees who participate in wellness screenings say they are more aware of their health risks and the importance of seeking appropriate health consultation with their provider. In some cases, health screenings have saved lives and certainly health care dollars by early detection of serious illnesses.

Drug Testing

Strive 4 Life, LLC., adhere to DOT, OSHA, and SAMHSA compliance standards in all of our testing. If you have employees fulfilling safety-sensitive roles within your business, we will help you develop a drug-free workplace program so that you and your staff are prepared for random urine and breath alcohol tests with our services. Whether we are being called on for follow-up, pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, return to duty, or post-accident, we are here for your business. We also accommodate court ordered testing.

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